3 Fitness Trends Going into 2019!

As the new year comes in, people make New Years Resolutions which are often related to improving their health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Fitness, exercise, nutrition, and diets quickly come and go. Going into 2019, I’d like to discuss 3 of the top fitness ideas going into 2019.

  1. Boxing/Aerobics. Boxing aerobics and gyms are popping up all over the place. Boxing is great way to burn calories as well as develop strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Rumble has locations through the US in most major metropolitan areas.
  2. H.I.I.T.. High Intensity Interval Training. High Intensity Interval Training is nothing new in the fitness industry. It basically involves short bursts of high intensity intervals followed by a longer period of moderate intensity exercise, usually 2 or 3 minutes followed by 5 or 6 minutes…depending on the activity. It could be as simple as doing a wind sprint for 30 seconds followed by 3 minutes of brisk walking and repeating between 6 to 8 times. The reality is that following this protocol you only put your body into intense exercises for 3 or 4 minutes and the other 18 minutes is just a moderate cool down. The reason that is so effective is because of a process known as E.P.O.C. and acronym Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. When we are in the high intensity interval portion of exercise, we may ramp up our metabolic calorie burn rate from say 80 calories per hour to 700 calories perhour. .Even though the high intensity interval may only be 30 seconds to 3 minutes, we crank up our caloric burn rate and we transition into cold down phase, your body is still burning calories at a much higher caloric burn rate than our resting metabolic burn rate. It’s been proven that after about 20 minutes of exercise it takes almost 2 full hours for our bodies to get back to the resting calorie burn rate. HIIT intervals can be done with numerous things.Treadmills,elliptical, bikes, running,swimming, and even resistance training. A great way to shred fat and burn calories.
  3. Working out at home! Duh! It about time working out at home is getting the recognition it deserves. Many people complain that they dont have enough time to get to the gym. That may be a valid point, but it’s . no excuse for doing nothing. For a out $40 spent at a place like 5 Below you can get a good start on an effective home gym by purchasing a yoga mat, a couple of resistance bands, a jump rope, and a few small dumbbells. Working out in small spaces of time such as 3 times a day for 10 minutes has been proven to be as effective working out for 30 minutes straight. The effects of EPOC which I discussed in last section may make this small bouts of exercise more effective than 30 minutes of an uninterrupted exercise.

Those are 3 ideas which are trending in the Fitness Industry. Happy New Year and I hope you get off to happy and healthy year!

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