The Transtheoritical Model of Change (TTM)

I have been a personal trainer with ACE (American Council of Exercise) for over 6 years. My certification is coming up for renewal at the end of this week and I have to have a sufficient number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to renew my license. This occurs every two years. Of course, I wasn’t anywhere close to having the amount of CECs I needed for renewal. I sat on a bike in the gym reading an ACE magazine. The article discussed the Transtheoretical Model for Change and how it could be applied towards helping clients to achieve and maintain some sort of healthy change in their lives……..I could take a test on this article and earn a few CECs. It dawned upon me that I continue to procrastinate with almost everything in my life. I have done this for years. I did it in school, I did it in the stock brokerage and insurance industries regarding my licenses. I did it with my cars , drivers licenses, tickets, fines, getting my taxes done and just about anything else I could think. I was always fascinated with the Transtheoretical Model of Change and the various stages of change as well as the processes involved in obtaining and maintaining a significant change in behavior. Pertinent, yet ironic. I am involved in the fitness industry. An industry devoted to help changing people towards developing a heathier lifestyle. I realized that I had never actually recognized my procrastination as a particular and distinct behaviorial problem. If so, according to the article I had just read, perhaps I could change this pattern. The article concerning TTM was quite pertinent if I were going to help others change as well as trying to change some of my own bad habits!

I was originally going to write more about the 6 patterns of Change involved in TTM. However, I realized that there is just far too much information for me to cover in a few paragraphs. I know that I need to change if I want to survive.

More about TTM tomorrow….I hope I’ I’m not just procrastinating!

Change doesn’t take place overnight, but sometime it can be can be easier when  is done with others

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