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The purpose of Anytimefitness4you.com is to share ideas on fitness, health, exercise, nutrition, wellness, various work out protocols, latest trends in the fitness industry, great ideas for working out at home, improving strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning, along with a variety of other subjects which are of interest. One of the primary objects is to help motivate people who haven’t worked out in a while to get back into a regular routine without being intimidated and falling into a pattern of procrastnation or non adherence to an exercise program once they have begun. Another goal is to help debunk common myths regarding various types of diets and nutrition. I will try to explain why many diets don’t work and why they are so frustrating for so many people. With over 70% of the US population being either overweight or obese, obesity and poor nutrition have become a major medical problem in the US, driving up health care costs and creating many unnecessary medical problems. I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 6 years, a volunteer board member at the Columbia North YMCA in Philadelphia, and have coached numerous your athletic teams. I wold like to bring some of the knowledge along the way to people who are having a tough time getting started, or help improve the routines of even the most avid fitness fans. Thanks for stopping by to check out this site!