Transtheoretcal Model of Behavior Change As It Applies To The Fitness Industry…TTM Blog # 2

Last week I was caught up in the process of the renewal of my Personal Trainer Certification with the American Council of Exercise (ACE). As I explained, it is a process which involves taking various courses and passing the tests associated with those courses to gain continuing education credits or CECs. They aren’t tremendously difficlicult […]

3 Fitness Trends Going into 2019!

As the new year comes in, people make New Years Resolutions which are often related to improving their health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Fitness, exercise, nutrition, and diets quickly come and go. Going into 2019, I’d like to discuss 3 of the top fitness ideas going into 2019. Boxing/Aerobics. Boxing aerobics and gyms are popping […]